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Oasis Pool - Event Information
$0.00 up to 0 Attendees
Max 6 Attendees
THIS POOL IF FOR CAMPERS ONLY. CAMPER(S) MUST PRESENT THEIR SEASONS PASS CARD OR WEEKEND PASS ALONG WITH YOUR CONFIRMATION TO GAIN ACCESS TO THIS POOL. This ticket is a timed ticket to allow for physical distancing. Please ensure that you arrive with your ticket or confirmation at Oasis Pool entrance. You will not be admitted without a reservation or booking. We cannot guarantee moving to a different time slot if you miss your scheduled time. Please ensure that you respect the time and leave after your time so that the life guard can ensure that all equipment is disinfected between reservations/bookings. Camper(s) must follow the posted rules at the Oasis Pool at all times. If you need cancel your reservation due to inclement weather, please email bigsplash@bingemans.com with the day and time you would like to reschedule for. We reserve the right to not open Oasis, or close Oasis early, due to weather conditions.
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